Sunday, December 18, 2016

SEIZURE EXPERIMENT TONIGHT 10PM-12MID, SUNDAY DEC 18 + New Music Review feat. GosT and Tak Shindo [1958 reissue]

I am hosting the Seizure Experiment tonight on WCBN FM Ann Arbor, 88.3 MHz in #Ypsi/Ann Arbor. You can stream online at by clicking HERE

I have no idea what I am going to do, but it will be a blast. You could tune in and contribute to the content if you wish. Call 734-763-3500 or AOL IM at wcbnfm. You can also message using IMessage/Hangouts at 

Below are the music reviews I did for the station this week. I have a feeling you might be hearing some of this GosT band tonight on the S.E. Don't miss out! 


Blood Music 2016

I’ve heard this referred to as “Synth Wave” and if that is a type of “Metal,” then I fully agree with use of that descriptor. I would describe the music as metal played on synths with a few featured vocalists. Themes are centered on horror and satanic aphorisms, e.g. the liner notes contain this quote attributed to “Lucifer” in Milton’s Paradise Lost: “BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL THAN TO SERVE IN HEAVEN.” Play anytime of day! Great for freeform. I don’t have any favorite tracks, I like each equally. Enjoy!

Commencement      5:02
Nascency      5:06
Aggrandizement (Featuring Bitchcraft)5:02
Lake Of Fire              4:27
Supreme (Featuring Hayley Stewart)   4:57
4th                      4:26
Arise (Featuring Kriistal Ann)      6:14
Maleficarum              3:36
Unum Infernum      4:09
I Am Abaddon              4:27

Tak Shindo: “MGANGA!”
Modern Harmonic 2016

A reissue from the original 1958 recording tapes. Mganga means “medicine man.” An absolutely delightful addition to our collection for Leisure Experimenters and beyond. All songs are excellent [from my newcomer’s perspective]. Pick a track, sit back and relax! - D.W.C.B.N. 

Mombasa Love Song 2:40
Safari To Kenya 2:21
Nyoba Festival 2:06
Slave Chains Of Mtumwa 3:05
Bantu Spear Dance         1:47
Rains Of Okavango         2:08
Huts Of Kichwamba 2:47
Mganga                 2:14
Mwanza Market Place 1:57
N'ga (The Maiden)         2:49
Watusi Drum Dance 2:12

Port Of Trinkitat 2:54