Sunday, December 11, 2016

Seizure Leisure Music Review: Metallica and Body/Head

On some recent Mondays, I have been attending WCBNs Music Review meeting. These happen most Mondays at 630pm at WCBN lobby in basement of Student Activities Building at UM Ann Arbor. This week, I reviewed the new Metallica as well as a new live release from Body/Head. Check it out. Also please feel free to tune in every Sunday from 10pm-12mid to WCBN for the Seizure Experiment: a two hour hardcore/metal/doom/noise freeform specialty show with a rotating set of hosts including Kristin [of Tight Pants fame], Brandok [of Brandok fame], Marie, Rev. Bomb-Back, and me [DJ-Who-Cannot-Be-Named]

You can listen to WCBN at 88.3 MHz in Ypsi/Ann Arbor area [doesn't yet go much beyond] OR you can stream at

Blackened Recordings 2016 
*FCCs only on track 1*

This is an adequate thrash/rock record. Nothing really stands out, but songs are decent. I hear echoes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in the thrash tunes. I am not really feeling any sort of continuity with this album, songs are just next to each other, a la Tom Waits “Orphans”  I agree with a fellow WCBN DJ that this is the best Metallica album since the one they did with Lou Reed :) -- D.W.C.B.N.

Disc 1
Hardwired [FCC]         3:09 “We’re so fucked” Thrash-delight! Abrupt end.
Atlas, Rise!                 6:29 Straight forward
Now That We're Dead 6:59 Abrupt end
Moth Into Flame          5:51 Chugging along metal machine :)
Halo On Fire               8:15 Epic dual solo guitar doubling intro, abrupt rock ending.
Dream No More 6:30 This is basically a rock tune. Fun. 

NOTE: “Halo on Fire” and “Dream No More” are in wrong order on CD jacket song list.

Disc 2
Confusion                    6:41 “War is never done.” More thrashy chugging. 
ManUNkind                 6:56 Pretty bass/guitar intro; rock tune; Helmet-like riffs; abrupt 
Here Comes Revenge 7:18 Rock tune with double bass drum at times. guitar tone fade 
Am I Savage?              6:30 Sabbath-esque guitar riffing. Abrupt ending
Murder One                 5:45  Chorus effect-laden guitar intro. More rock. Abrupt ending
Spit Out The Bone        7:09 Drumroll, guitarchug intro. THRASH. Somehwhat abrupt tone  
                                              fade end.

Body/Head: “No Waves”
Matador 2016

Live Album. Kim Gordon and Bill Nace weave guitar licks with mostly dissonant interactions, feedback, delay and sustain effects fill the room. At times ghost harmonies/atonalities emerge. Vocals are present, yet sparse. At times, the singing is formless/wordless and typical Gordon-style: decidedly off-key. I enjoy this stuff, but it is not for everyone :) Sections of this are good for music bed. I also think this fits well into any freeform show, especially good for layering if you are tripping and going that way. -- D.W.C.B.N.

Sugar Water           7:48
The Show Is Over  8:31
Abstract/Actress    23:39