Sunday, December 11, 2016

Follow-up to Washtenaw County Exec Comm Meeting Dec. 10, 2016

I am getting criticism for sharing these notes from the #WCDP Exec Comm yesterday. Next time I'll definitely ask the group before publishing.

Big Picture:

No, but seriously...

I think if Michigan Democrats want to invite people in, they need to be transparent about processes like this. There were no strategy or tactics discussed at this meeting. It was a leadership decision-making business meeting. If people feel I have wrongly characterized what they had to say during discussion, I am glad to make the appropriate corrections to the text on my site. People who may become members or who may become more involved members would like to know that all points of view were given equal air time. That happened yesterday, mostly.


I am hopeful for the future here in Washtenaw County. You will see regular updates on the progress toward a better Democratic Party on this site. Stay tuned, feel free to subscribe... FOR FREE :)