Sunday, March 12, 2017


Tonight WCBN will be broadcasting a live roundtable forum on race facilitated by WCBN DJ/ UM Student Jason Young and featuring UM student activists Lakyrra Magee, Leah Schneck and UM LEO Lecturer Ian Robinson. Tune in to learn about the circumstances on-the-ground regarding race and inequality with some ideas about how to work together and improve the cultural climate on the UM campus, in Ann Arbor and beyond. 

Tune in by dialing 88.3 FM on your toaster in Ann Arbor OR click HERE to listen online anywhere in the world. This broadcast will begin at 7pm EST.

[REMEMBER: we "sprung" forward so adjust your clock if you haven't yet already!]

After that, you may as well stay tuned because starting at 10pm sharp I'll have full control of the WCBN broadcast signal for another edition of The Seizure Experiment. I have a lot of new [to me] music including, but not limited to: Wormrot [Singapore Grindcore], Tsjuder [Norwegian Black Metal], Magrudergrind, Shitstorm and several more selections with special freeform segues and soundbites that will be sure to delight your ears and distill your anger and frustration with the human condition in these united states. 

The Seizure Experiment is a 2-hour foray into Thrash, Hardcore, Grind, Metal of all varieties and Noise curated and populated by a rotating set of hosts: Rev. Bomb Back, Minister and Administer of Noise, Kristin [of TIGHT PANTS], Marie, Chayne and yours truly DJ-WHO-CANNOT-BE-NAMED. 

COMING SOON to the SEIZURE EXPERIMENT: a live, in studio performance by Ypsilanti two-piece stoner/doom metal act BUBAK in April 2017 on a Sunday night yet-to-be-determined!!!! 

Thanks again to all who support WCBN by donating, sharing, listening and contributing content: WE LOVE YOU