Sunday, January 8, 2017

Music Review and Seizure Experiment Tonight Jan 8, 2017

Welcome to 2017. I'll be joining Rev. BombBack tonight on the Seizure Experiment on WCBN FM, 88.3 MHz in Ann Arbor, click here to listen online a n y w h e r e in the world.

I have the Darkthrone Box Set "Black Death and Beyond," released in May of 2014.

It includes 3 records with samples of their finest recordings, not to be missed radio! Here is what the set looks like:

Darkthrone is a two-piece black/noise metal band with an extensive discography. They emerged alongside Mayhem and Burzum in the chaotic and, at times, neo-fascist Black Metal scene in the early 1990's in Norway. Darkthrone eschews the fascism and delivers great songs! Tonight we'll play some songs from the box set as well as some from the new Darkthrone album, "Arctic Thunder" [October 2016].

Which songs will we play this time? Tune in to find out!

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BRING US YOUR ANGER, We will distill and return it to you in a musical package that cleanses your spirits.


MUSIC REVIEW for 1/8/2017:

Cough: “Still they Pray”
Relapse Records, 2016

Doom masters from Richmond, Va. bring us a new album after 5 years of near silence. The songs are mostly long and brooding. There are difficult topics covered but no FCCs recognized. The sound of this album is very reminiscent of St. Vitus and other early Doom/Sludge metal efforts. If you are really into this sort of thing, these guys do it well. Start with any song! — D.W.C.B.N.
1. Haunter of the Dark 07:50
2. Possession 10:24
3. Dead Among the Roses 10:46
4. Masters of Torture 07:54
5. Let it Bleed 09:36
6. Shadow of the Torturer 10:34
7. The Wounding Hours 06:37
8. Still They Pray 04:09

Neil Young: “Peace Trail”
Reprise Records, 2016

Neil Young is back with another folk/country-rock effort that is lyrically prepared for the next 4-8 years, if you catch my drift. This album was recorded in the wake of a tour and live album with Promise of the Real as Young’s backing band. Neil opts for Jim Keltner on drums and Paul Bushnell on bass, in lieu of the band. This is not a ground-breaking album for Neil, but the songs are solid, the messages are timely [my faves: 4, 5, 7, 8]. This is great for daytime radio and could even be included in the Down Home Show.
— D.W.C.B.N.

1. "Peace Trail"   5:32
2. "Can't Stop Workin'"  2:45
3. "Indian Givers"  5:41
4. "Show Me"   4:02
5. "Texas Rangers"  2:29
6. "Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders"   3:17
7. "John Oaks"  5:12
8. "My Pledge"  3:54
9. "Glass Accident"  2:53
10."My New Robot"  2:53

Ahoe-Ahoea: “True Love Never Dies”
Bunkerpop, 2016
FCC on 4

Ahoe-Ahoea is a Dutch DIY/Indie Post-Punk band whose members obviously listened heavily to Television and the Clash before forming and recording this [originally] self-released tape in 1983. Bunkerpop has re-issued this recording in LP format, as you can see. The songs are bouncy and energetic. There is nothing very original about the sound and songs here, but the playing is solid and there are a few catchy hooks! Yes, Ahoe-Ahoea is a reference to the sound created by the Tarzan films actor Johnny Weissmuller. A sample of that vocal provides the basis for the first track. If you like Television, you will like this album, unless you are one of those snarky listeners who will dismiss this as derivative, which it is. I got over that, thoroughly enjoyed it several times on my turntable over the past 2-3 weeks — D.W.C.B.N.

1. Ahoe Ahoea 03:21
2. i4iii 01:45
3. Baseballgame 03:10
4. I Fell Tower 02:27 FCC
5. Terminal Boredom 03:24
6. Overhousing 04:32
7. The 2nd 100 Years 03:46
8. Fixer Uppers 02:56

9. Icebusiness 03:15