Friday, May 1, 2015


Left institutions like the Democratic Party and the UAW have failed to inspire their base and key constituencies statewide. Therefore, the Republicans now control every lever in the state government. 

It is bizarre, this whole Proposal 1 mess. Conservatives/ Republicans brought this proposal forward, with concessions being touted by Democratic Party leaders. The people pushing the hardest for this proposal, which amounts to a 16% regressive tax increase, are Democratic Party, Transit and Labor leaders.

The Washtenaw County Republican Party is advocating AGAINST it.

Well, I guess there is a first time for everything. I agree with the Republicans here, perhaps for different reasons.

This is an unfortunate way for the Democrats to enter the 2016 political organizing season. Michigan Left institutional leaders chose the path of what some professional lobbyist staffers are referring to as "damage control." The refrain after that is, "in 2016 we have to win elections." 

It is true that in order to have a seat at the decision-making table, you/we have to win elections. However, the myopic focus on providing resources exclusively for electoral politics has proven to be unsuccessful for Michigan Democrats. 

Democrats in Michigan will continue to be irrelevant as long as they continue to admit defeat before even trying to fight for policies that appropriately tax the wealthy. Elections aren't enough anymore. It's time to get in the streets and reclaim our commons. 

What could we do to remedy this?

If we *paired* the electoral with direct action, we might have a shot of overcoming the lack of capital on our side. If successful, all the *potential* benefits [EITC, School Aid Fund protection] included in this proposal would be doable and then some once we appropriately tax the wealthy**.

The progress in the items provided for in this current ballot proposal do not warrant the 16% regressive tax increase. 

I will vote NO on 1.

While I am voting a resounding NO on 1, I am voting yes for the school bond in Ann Arbor. If you are an Ann Arbor resident like me, I would encourage you to do the same.

Thanks for reading. See you in the streets this summer.

** What is appropriate? Well, in 1954 we taxed all earners making $100,000 or more at a rate of 89% [Yes, I know $100,000 was worth a lot more back then. Do the math.] Contrast that with the 2015 highest bracket which is taxed at 39.6% and no more [$413,201 and up]. That is economic class warfare. See you in the streets.