Thursday, April 10, 2014


I featured several of the artists performing for this 3-day event during my broadcast this past Tuesday evening on ONE LOUDER. Day passes and more info available at: Encore RecordsUnderground Sounds - Ann Arbor, MichiganVault of Midnight, and Woodruff's.

Two stages, three nights, 33 awesome Michigan bands.
Doors open at 7pm. Music starts at 8pm. 

Here's the three day line-up: 

Thursday April 10
1:00 am The Ruiners (main)
12:30 Disinformants
12:00 Wild Savages(main)
11:30 Las Drogas
11:00 Scaredtodeath Std (main)
10:30 Whaler
10:00 Cyrano Jones (main)
9:30 Bison Machine
9:00 Paradox Explorer (main)
8:30 Shells
8:00 Marvels (main)

Friday April 11
1:00 The Muggs (main)
12:30 Destroy This Place
12:00 Blue Snaggletooth (main)
11:30 Chit Chat
11:00 The Boss Mustangs (main)
10:30 Scissor Now
10:00 Van Houten (main)
9:30 Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss
9:00 HISS (main)
8:30 Wizard Union
8:00 Wiccans (main)

Saturday April 12
1:00 Beast In The Field (main)
12:30 The Amino Acids
12:00 BAD INDIANS (main)
11:30 Lizerrd
11:00 Lava Moth (main)
10:30 Lord Centipede
10:00 Haunted Leather (main)
9:30 The Boys Themselves
9:00 Minus9 (main)
8:30 All The Wild Children
8:00 Hydropark (main)

[(main) - indicates main stage]

The Headliner for today Thursday April 10 is The Ruiners: Here is a video for their song from 2009, "Broken Halo" Enjoy and see you sometime this weekend at FUZZ FEST!

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